Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Reiki 2

  • 2

    Review of Reiki Level 1

    • Review Level 1 Knowledge

    • Principles of Reiki

    • Energy, Aura and Chakras

  • 3

    Reiki Symbols for Level 2

    • Traditional Reiki Symbols

    • Additional Reiki Symbols

    • Cho Ku Rei

    • Kriya - Grounding

    • Practise the Symbols - print this sheet out

    • Sei He Ki

    • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Distance healing symbol

    • Zonar - Infinity, Timeless and Eternity symbol

    • Harth - Love, Truth, Beauty, Harmony and Balance

    • Symbols

  • 4


    • Attunement

  • 5

    Reiki Meditation

    • Healing Meditation

    • The Three Pillars

    • Gassho Meditation

    • Reiji-Ho

    • Chiryo

    • 21 day Gassho Meditation

  • 6

    How to Use Reiki

    • Distance Healing

    • Mental and Emotional Treatments

    • Getting Rid of Bad Habits

    • Manifestations

    • Getting Started

    • Treating Animals

    • Best Practice

  • 7


    • Reiki Healing and Contraindications

    • Starting a Reiki Business

    • Legalities

    • Example Consent Form

    • Reiki Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

  • 8

    Continuing your Journey

    • Continuing your Reiki Training and Development 

    • Lineage


  • How is this course different to level 1?

    Within this course there are more attunements, you will learn about using Reiki on animals, and you learn more symbols to use when giving and sending Reiki.

  • Who can give Reiki treatments?

    Anyone who has been attuned to Reiki can give a Reiki treatment. At level 2 you can charge for these treatments and begin your own business.

  • Can I teach Reiki to others after this course?

    No. To be able to teach Reiki you need to complete your Reiki Master's Level and Reiki Master Teacher's Level.

Is this course for me?

  • Do you want to help spread the energy of Reiki?

    If you answer 'Yes' to this question, then this course is definitely for you.

  • Are you interested in starting your own holistic business?

    Reiki is a beautiful energy to work with and an amazing holistic treatment to give and receive.

  • Are you wanting to send Reiki to people all over the planet?

    Using the distance healing symbol, you can send Reiki to anyone, any situation or anything, anywhere in the world.

  • Do you want to progress further to teach Reiki?

    To teach Reiki you need to complete all four levels of the Reiki training and attunements. If this is the path you would like to take then this is a definite step in your journey.

Course Price

Included in this course are all the reading materials, videos, attunements and ongoing support when needed.