Is this course for you?

  • Low on energy?

    Reiki balances your energy field to help you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

  • Need spiritual guidance?

    Reiki can help your clarity of thinking. It can give you the inner peace you need to reassess situations.

  • Want to begin your spiritual journey?

    Reiki is a beautiful energy to work with and works on a spiritual plain.

  • Like to help heal the world?

    Reiki can be used on anything, anyone and any situation setting your intention for the highest good.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction video

  • 2


    • What is Reiki?

    • Reiki Questions

    • The History of Reiki.

    • History of Reiki Questions

    • The Principles of Reiki

    • Principles Questions

  • 3

    Energy and the Human Body

    • Energies, Auras and Chakras

    • Balancing Your Chakras and Aura

    • Energy Balls

    • Energies, Auras and Chakras Questions

    • Meridians

  • 4


    • Intention and What You Can Treat

    • attunements

    • Attunements

    • Self Treatment Hand Position Handout

    • Reiki Self Treatment

    • Self Reiki Hand Positions

    • Grounding, Cleansing and Protecting

    • Treating Others

    • Hand Positions for Treating Others

    • Treating Others Hand Positions

    • Treating Others Questions

    • Alternative Non-Contact Method

    • Reiki Treatment Checklist

    • Level 1 Power Symbols

  • 5

    The Legal Requirements

    • Legal Information

    • Lineage

  • 6

    Next Stage of Your Journey

    • What To Do Now

    • 21 Day Reiki Diary

The benefits of Reiki

Why you would benefit from starting your spiritual journey

Reiki has many health benefits for the recipient. A practitioner will use the life force energy 'Chi' to balance and restore your aura and chakras, allowing the energy to flow properly through the your body. Reiki has benefits on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional level - providing a whole body treatment. It creates a feeling of inner calm and peace, allowing you to feel better in yourself and giving you the clarity to assess situations you are faced with. Life is full of stress and can be so busy at times. Many people are looking for a new holistic solution to this problem - you have just found it!


  • What does this course allow me to do?

    Reiki Level 1 gives you the attunements you need to start your Reiki journey. With Level 1 you can only practice on yourself and family and friends.

  • Can I charge people for Reiki?

    Not with just level 1. If you wish to become a practitioner and create a business, you need to be attuned to and complete Reiki level 2.

  • Is it possible to have the attunements without being in the same room?

    Yes. Reiki knows no barriers and can be sent through time and space to anywhere in the world.

  • Can I contact you if I get stuck and do not understand part of the course?

    Yes. Always. Even after the course if over I will be a line of support. Just email me and I will answer as soon as I can.

  • Can I heal people with Reiki?

    As a practitioner you cannot heal people, what you are doing is using the life force energy 'Chi' to balance people's aura and chakras so that they can heal their own body.

  • Can I treat people with Reiki instead of them going to a doctor?

    Reiki can be used as a complementary treatment alongside visiting a doctor, but should never be INSTEAD of seeking professional medical guidance.


"Thank You"


Something I have always believed in put in a way I can understand. My journey begins. Thank you so much, such a great reassuring teacher putting oneself at ease. Highly recommended.